Playing with squares in simple icon designs

*Yawn* It’s only 11 o’clock and I’m already exhausted. After the 9 to 5 there were chores to do, kids to play with, stores to shop at and a sister to visit. My last whim of the evening was to try and create a squared Christmas tree that might be used for an icon. It’s a simple design, though I found myself addicted for a moment on what other things could be made with gradient squares… So I made a turkey for Thanksgiving too

squared turkey

squared turkey

It’s a cute little thing. The squares were re-sized to try and create the general form of the icons. It was kind of a fun project to play with, has a lot of potential too. With the squared icons/images uploaded, I have hit the mark of 200 photos! Does that mean I can say ‘hundreds of photos’?

I would love to see what others can do with the simple square.

Brushing up on ye olde website

Well… It’s starting to look better. I did a few minor css changes and modified the header on and some tweaking to twitter & wordpress. At this point, I’m going to try and incorporate the chosen color (#35290f) to bring consistency across the various sites. I’m not entirely sure what my limitations are with WordPress, though I’ll put that thought on the back burner for the time being. The new theme that is in use now has a sans-serif font and a white background… so it’s closer than before.


Now I can get back to taking pictures. Today I opened the fridge and snapped a shot. Not a great picture:

photo of fridge

On the checklist of things needed, a tripod. Because my hand is less-than-steady I opted for a high iso instead of a slower shutter speed. By doing that, I caused my picture to become very grainy indeed. I did run the image through a photo editing program to crop and add some different lighting techniques. The goal was to try and make an interesting image with the refrigerator. Came out kind of dark and bleak. Has a very ‘homemade’ feel to it.

Super honesty time

  • Website – Check
  • Photo Gallery – Check
  • Social Media – Check
  • Great look —– Not Checked

So I got all caught up in the whim of what my goal was… to get pictures uploaded, though in the process I let everything become jumbled and confused. Take a look below, this is the mess I have made:

inconsistent design & layout throughout my sites and social media.

inconsistent design & layout throughout my sites and social media.

So my next step will be creating a consistent feel throughout the sites. Step one: I will get some rough ideas together on paper. My main goal in this will be building consistencies throughout the sites. This probably means major changes but those changes are desperately needed, and at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

What a great day!

A day out on the town!

photo of brick wall and neon sign

Looking up the wall at neon!

Trying to train myself to take pictures of things I wouldn’t normally think to take a picture of… like a wall. I have an automatic setting on the camera that looks like a candle burning for low-light conditions (the camera only allows me to manually get up to 1600 iso, while the candle icon selects 2000+ iso that’s great for low light.  Just have to keep a steady hand as the shutter speed is also low. The black ceiling helps the brick really stand out.

tried to make a little light-box yesterday

I pieced this beauty together yesterday:


I know it doesn’t look like much (and it really isn’t), but it did -help- to reflect light back onto my objects and cast slightly less harsh shadows. I still had to run the bulk of the pictures through a photo editing program like photoshop or gimp to clean up the ‘white’ background.

It was an old box that I spray painted white and then had to go over again with acrylic.  For my next box, I will try a larger size and white heavy fabric to line it tight. More lights would also be beneficial.

Here’s an example of objects that still needed further background removal:

Still learning about my camera

slow shutter, quick jolt

In a not so well lit living room…

I had control over the shutter speed and turned it way down to let in as much light as I could because the room is poorly lit, while the shutter was open I jolted the camera at the object (in this case, a cheap Hawaiian lei from a party this summer). It produced an interesting effect.

I’m new

Hey, it’s my first post. I suppose I’ll introduce myself and talk about me, me, me. We’ll, there’s not a lot of interesting things to actually talk about when it comes to me; so, I’ll talk about what I’m doing here. I enjoy taking pictures and also do some graphics on the side. With that said, I understand how hard it can be to start any sort of freelance design business, one of the more difficult task (for me at least) was trying to find free stock photos and images that could be used for both commercial and personal use. Although I’m not that great of a photographer yet, I would like to offer up some of the images I have taken for other designers to get their feet wet with. These are free for use on personal or commercial projects, all that I ask is the image itself not be redistributed, sold or uploaded on other sites or other publications. My site is and there is more information about the image use on there.

I’ll browse around on here for a bit and try to figure out wordpress and twitter.