What a great day!

A day out on the town!

photo of brick wall and neon sign

Looking up the wall at neon!

Trying to train myself to take pictures of things I wouldn’t normally think to take a picture of… like a wall. I have an automatic setting on the camera that looks like a candle burning for low-light conditions (the camera only allows me to manually get up to 1600 iso, while the candle icon selects 2000+ iso that’s great for low light.  Just have to keep a steady hand as the shutter speed is also low. The black ceiling helps the brick really stand out.

Still learning about my camera

slow shutter, quick jolt

In a not so well lit living room…

I had control over the shutter speed and turned it way down to let in as much light as I could because the room is poorly lit, while the shutter was open I jolted the camera at the object (in this case, a cheap Hawaiian lei from a party this summer). It produced an interesting effect.