I have had a passion for photography for some time now, ever since I purchased a Canon AE 1 from college some time ago. To this day, it is still my preferred camera, though it takes 35mm film (which is a hassle anymore). I haven’t really used it for years due to the price of film and developing it, though it sits comfortably in a desk drawer near me as I write this.

I went for years without a camera and worked diligently on any freelance design job that I could to help make ends meet that my 9 to 5 job was struggling to do. It was extremely difficult to find images that I could use for commercial purposes that were affordable in my budget (though there are some really great sites that offer free image use out there). Now I have upgraded to the digital age of cameras and have stuck with the Canon brand that I love so dearly. I have been nicknamed ‘the photo ninja’ when I’m at social functions because I tend to take shot after shot after shot (while trying to be in cognition none-the-less).

I hope that some of my images will come in use for others. I plan on blogging about taking photos, updating what I have taken and also talk about what I’m learning along the way.


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