koken vs zp

After a failed uninstall-new-install on the server last week, I decided
to change from zp to koken (which in itself was difficult to get
installed through the host). Now don’t get me wrong, Zen photo had many
nice features – some that I would like to see in other galley programs –
but it was purely a moment of frustation that made me decide to click on
koken rather than zp again.

Pros of Zp:

  • End user search function. Koken does not have this feature. It’s a very
    important feature for my use, I have considered reinstalling zp soley
    because of this.
  • View properties of multiple photos at once to make editing quicker and
    more efficiant.
  • Lots of control and customization options, many of which I hadn’t even
    tried yet.
  • Tree strucure that was familiar to me

Pros of Koken

  • Off the bat: a cleaner, sleeker looking end result page. While I’m sure
    zp could have been modified to look just as clean, koken is off the
    shelf ready for a professional look and feel.
  • Makes adding photos and albums a breeze – though I have not reached my
    php size limit. I’ll let you know what happens after I hit 256.
  • Creative commons options built right in.
  • Have a photo on multiple albums without re upload.


To try to find some sort of cohesion, I utilized the css from koken into
my main site. At the end of the day, I want three things:

  • Easy to manipulate pages
  • Search feature
  • Ability to add ads – which I guess can be lumped in with the first list

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