Easy fall design layout

A fall design layout, and I’ll show you what I did to make it:

fall design layout

fall design layout

First lets find a background image I choose this one from my image gallery:

Second, I followed this tutorial to create the bokeh effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO2h7L-LV9A

This gave me a great background to work with and something to showcase in the foreground (a leaf in this case). I took the following pictures:

IMG_3891 IMG_3893

Using the pen tool, outline the leaf to cut it out from it’s background. I also upped the saturation of the leaf slightly, blurred the edges and brought the opacity of the background down to make more contrast.


With the wood railing that the leaf sits on in the final piece, cut along the edge paying attention to your line work and any chipping paint. The board, although it appears straight, has a bow in it. Once the siding in the background of the railing was removed a slight blur was added to try and soften that line.

Place the leaf on the railing, which will need rotated – to create the shadow I added a new layer under the leaf (above the cut railing) and used the brush with a 0% hardness tip to ‘paint’ the shadow of the leaf. I chose a deep auburn instead of black, if light would come though the thin skin of the leaf, it would take on a shade of that color.






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